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What is ‘Sports for Development’ and why we need it?

In simple terms ‘Sports for Development’ (S4D) could be defined as the use of sport in addressing complex sociopolitical issues such as education, poverty, social exclusion/inclusion, violent and non violent conflicts, post war and/or disaster trauma, gender justice, integrating marginalised … Continue reading

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German Nationalism: Getting over the ‘guilt’?

For Stephen D. Walt, the strongest force in the world is the “force of nationalism”. Nationalism has, more than any other phenomenon in the history of mankind, worked as a catalyst in both “binding and dividing” the populations of the … Continue reading

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Brazil’s failure to host Olympics would be a failure of Olympism

The onus of a miserable performance by a student does not rest only on him/her, but also on the professors who failed to adequately motivate and sincerely support him/her. This opinion has also been echoed by several of professors I … Continue reading

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