Brazil’s failure to host Olympics would be a failure of Olympism

The onus of a miserable performance by a student does not rest only on him/her, but also on the professors who failed to adequately motivate and sincerely support him/her. This opinion has also been echoed by several of professors I had the privilege to study with. If the venue of 2016 Summer Olympic Games is shifted to any other city after more than five years of granting Brazil the privileged right to be the host of the Games, it will be a failure of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) along with the international community and not solely that of Brazil’s.


Rio de Janerio (Photo credit :

A number of media reports published recently raised concern surrounding the (un)preparedness of Brazil to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The reports also suggest that the IOC has “informally” and “secretly” asked if London could get the 2012 Olympic venues ready and host the Games in an “emergency.” However in an official statement later on, the IOC discarded the suggestion calling it “totally unfeasible.”

The Olympic Solidarity is after all about assisting the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), “in particular those which have the greatest need of it.” If the preparations are “the worst” the IOC vice-president has experienced, does it not mean that Brazil requires the Solidarity more than any nation ever had? Should the IOC and International Federations (IFs) not extend every possible assistance to Brazil in order to be able to successfully organizing the Games? How would stripping Rio of the right to host the Games contribute to the advancement of Olympic Movement and be in the spirit of Olympism?

A simple meeting with an Olympic winner, a simple sight of the medal has enough potential to infuse motivation and excite enthusiasm in the hearts of aspiring athletes. Guess what effect would hosting an event as grand as the Olympics have on the residents of the host city, in particular, and the citizens of the nation, in general. Range of studies is available which documents aroused interest of the local population in sporting activities after hosting a mega sporting event. Would depriving Brazil from hosting the Games not mean that we will be depriving the vast population of an emerging nation from a wonderful opportunity to bring about a positive change in their lives?

Finally, Brazil should take this opportunity to address the issues of its society and deliver on the promises it has made. Brazil let go a similar opportunity during the 2007 Pan-American Games. Responding in the manner it did in 2007 would further complicate the matter and would not be in the interest of Brazil. Hosting (and participating in) mega sporting events today is more about showcasing credibility, competence and sharing the global responsibility than winning maximum medals and proving one’s superiority. If Brazil delivers now, it will for sure win the trust of other nations as well as multinational bodies and better its chances towards international cooperation on significant matters. After all it is receiving such heightened attentions due to the Games.

– rohit



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